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Immortally Cherished


This piece was inspired by new life around me coming into the world! There’s nothing better than fresh newborns, be they human or other. I tried to capture the budding new connections, as well as the faithful canine element - the relationships that urge us to change and grow and bond. This was painted on a repurposed cabinet door. I use genuine crushed gemstone pigments (this piece has a lot of Piemontite, Bloodstone and Hematite (which is a protective stone). I also use iridescent pigments that glimmer and shine at different angles of light. This piece will change it’s appearance and look different in morning sun, dusk or dark. Holographic elements are added once the painting is to my satisfaction- giving it a 3D effect. The “frame” of the cabi is holographic gold. Available only through Natural Accents Gallery in Taos NM!